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Tenivita - Business Expertise




TENIVITA watching the new market data, with a sense of responsibility to professional hairdressers, pioneers and changes the level of services and products displayed in professional salon premises.

A line of products and services which ensure and protect consumers, giving something more to quality service. A new proposal differentiates the professional hairdresser’s position in relation to its competitors, supporting the  salon business on organization and management, but also providing professional expertise in entrepreneurship.

TENIVITA is closer to your reality

At a time when the professional hairdresser needs new substantial proposals to consumers, TENIVITA helps professional hairdressers:

  1. To present new innovative products.
  2. To propose new services in their salon.
  3. To be trained in new business data in order to face the new market challenges.


3 basic reasons to do business with TENIVITA

Innovative products that respond to consumer needs

  • Motivation the absolute safety and quality of hair for sensitized customers seeking the perfect.
  • 3 lines inspired by nature, TENIVITA color tech, TENIVITA earth TENIVITA 10iB, and very soon the new bio project head wind.

New services which upgrade the quality of your work

  • Upgrade the quality of your services with new services which provide solutions to the requirements of today's consumers and respond to the question of consumer “WHY SHOULD I MAKE DYE IN THE SALON” and bring profit to your business.

Business expertise

  • Specialized seminars on entrepreneurship, organization of business forums, smart management tools of clientele and support on a personal level of hairdressing businesses  in direct collaboration with Original hair business.